Screen Printing

We do custom screen printing/silk screen printing, and direct to garment/digital apparel printing for custom T-shirts, sweatshirts, athletic wear, hats, promotional items and much more!

25-50% Less ExpensiveThan Embroidery

  1. Amazing image detail. Detailed, intricate images can be created with complexity that is not possible with embroidery. Great for large graphics on back of garments at an affordable cost.
  2. Can be used with waterproof garments. The screen-printing transfer process does not affect your garment’s waterproof finish, unlike embroidery.
  3. Clean, streamlined appearance. Screen printing images essentially become part of your garment’s surface, so they will not collect dust or debris.
  4. Reflective material available. Letters, numbers and one-color logos can be created in reflective material, enhancing visibility for both your worker and your image.
  5. Does not penetrate garment. Screen printing image transfers only impact the exterior of the garment, not the insulation or the inside fabric. Embroidery stitching can be seen on the reverse of the fabric, which can be a minor irritation for some.